Metrik Returns With His Brand New Album ‘Life / Thrills’

Metrik is back with his second album for Hospital, the interestingly named ‘Life Thrills’. Considering the weather is turning towards gloomy darkness here in the UK, i’m genuinely hoping for something thrilling and the album artwork suggests i’m about to be transported to somewhere sun kissed with good looking people drinking expensive cocktails.

Starting your album with a track called Hi! warrants a high five from me. And the fun factor doesn’t stop there. Intense production and synthy madness which then transforms into a Daft Punk/TC lovechild makes for a really bouncy and bananas tune.

Elisabeth Troy’s great vocals on Chasing Sunrise riding retro computer gamey sonics isn’t something which on paper should work, but the majority of the tune does. Not sold on the jazzy synth workout though!

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Lead track Life Thrills shows how Metrik’s clearly been on the road globally for quite some time, it’s a far cry from something you’d expect a London based producer to make. Sitting somewhere at the table of Sigma and Wilkinson’s radio friendly bangers (see also ‘How Far’ feat Romeo Testa), I can’t honestly say my hands will be up and ‘feeling that’ but it’s a bold statement from a producer intent on moving forwards with his sound and hats off to him.

Worldwide featuring Ragga Twins (one of my favourite acts from our aging genre) was a treat to see on the tracklist. Whilst the intro and actual main content do sound like 2 completely different tunes i have to say i enjoy how fun it is. Again, not to make a TC comparison but this top endy jump up style is just good wholesome fun.

Electric Echo featuring Gunship sounds like Metrik’s had Kavinsky in the studio. (And i love me some Kavinksy). I have to say the vocal sits quite oddly on the tune but as a ‘synthwave’ workout it’s again, a lot of fun.

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Northern Lights, Signal and Destination Earth are all valid tunes in their own right, but aren’t breaking any ground. Fans of his debut album will be pleased to hear tunes like this though.

The sounds of Reija Lee on Cadence are a welcome return to something Metrik is very, very good at. From a generation of Dimensions, Koves and others he’s acutely able to make this brand of dance floor friendly pounding anthems. I can see a lot of main arena shows being graced by this one.

Personal highlights on the album for me are Fatso which is just a beefy roided up beast, love it. Western Jam is also wicked, reminiscent of when Fresh was making bonkers tracks before fully embracing the Radio side of things,

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Metrik is a lovely guy, i even met his Mum the other day who was an absolute delight! Sometimes reviewing things can be hard – just because it’s not my Yorkshire gold, milk/one sugar and well stirred cup of tea doesn’t mean it’s not valid or full of merit. And i certainly don’t want to upset anyone (unless you’ve called me out, in which case i’ll tear your crap releases limb from limb!). Sadly this time i wasn’t transported to LA sunrises or Palm Beach but just did a silly little dance round my room to ‘Fatso’ for 20 minutes. Somewhat apt.

I just think I hear two very different artists on this album. One of them makes really fun, quirky, jump up-esque dance floor music to have an absolute stonker of a power hour to dance to and the other half is someone dabbling in synth sonics and Radio 1 targeting tracks. But listen, this is just one man’s opinion. I think this would be a great introduction into how wide spread the genre of drum and bass can be.

Metrik, hats off to you mate. The infamously difficult second album is littered with genuine bangers. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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