Slang Banger Return To Program With The Locations EP

There’s an old saying, “leave them wanting more”, which means leave your audience wanting more of what you have to offer rather than saturating them until they are sick of you and Slang Banger are the masters of this.

Since the duo made their debut on Program with Labrynth / Let There Be Love in 2014 their releases have been none to frequent but have always, ALWAYS left us wanting more. The Fling Rock Stone EP, which came out at the tail end of 2015, encapsulating that better than any of the releases that preceded it.

Their latest offering, the Locations EP, throws us right back into the special place that only Slang Banger can take us to as they rekindle the classic (less commercial) sound that is so often missing these days. From the absolute amen tear out that is Hoxton to the relatively restrained Roller Express this is an EP that has it all and then some.

However long we have to wait for their next release, you just know it’s going to be worth it.

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