We Chat To Telekinesis About Their New EP On Blackout Music and Premiere ‘NWO’

Slovakian duo Telekinesis are renowned for their hard hitting, high energy style of production as well as their lively sets and return to Blackout Music with the New World Order EP.

Ahead of the release of the new EP we’ve got the premiere of the absolutely huge track NWO and has a chat with one half of the duo, Marko, about it.

Hi Marko, how are you?
Still recovering from Monday’s vampire/zombie attack.

2016 is rapidly drawing to a close, what’s your highlight of the year been?
Hopefully the highlight is still coming… and by it I mean the upcoming release. We have worked really hard for it and we are both really really happy with the result.. So hopefully our listeners will feel the same.

How’s the scene out in Slovenia – is it seeing the same sort of interest and flourish of fresh talent that other parts of Europe are seeing?
Oh, it’s pretty bad at the moment actually, unfortunately it’s nothing like other east European countries. Last couple of years have been the worst time for drum and bass (and other electronic genres) in the last 16 years. Mainly due to bad venue management and the fact that young people don’t care about alternative any more. Listen to polka or Bieber in the afternoon, go clubbing in the evening, has become standard. However, hope dies last, so maybe things will bounce back – I have seen some new faces on the scene lately…

So you’re back on Blackout with a new EP. You’ve been working with the label for a while now, how did that start off?
I have been sending them demos even before Telekinesis existed. And even though the shit was way below their standard, the super nice Dutch guys replied and told me it’s nice, but that that it’s just not good enough yet and that I/we should keep trying… well I guess after some time, it was finally good enough 🙂

Tell us about the title of the EP, New World Order, and the name of the tracks. They all seem to relate to conspiracies and government.
You know, our music is not exactly expressive since there are no lyrics so basically EP names and track titles are the only little subtle messages we can inject to the listeners’ minds with our telepathic skills. It’s quite clear that what we have right now is not exactly working out and we believe that something needs to be changed sooner rather than later…

All the tracks are really high energy dancefloor fillers. Do you feel that you’ve found your “sound” or is that something that is always evolving?
We have always made tunes for the dancefloors because that is what we do. We play our music in clubs or festivals and we want to be able to play out every tune that we make. If we can’t play it out, it’s pointless for us to make it. I think however that our sound will still be changing or evolving, updating, name it how you want it, we’ve always liked to explore little variations within the genre. It gets boring otherwise.

What are you running in the studio at the minute and what’s right at the top of your wish list?
Well we work on Fruity Loops and we try to keep it simple as possible. We prefer to really get to know the few things you have rather then to have many and know little about them. But yeah, I think we both wish the most to get a pair of nice monitors, we are currently running Rokit 8s, they are nice but…you know…

Can you tell us what tunes are smashing it for you when you play out right now?
Pythius & Neonlight – Tarkin
InsideInfo – Revolution (feat. Miss Trouble)
The Prodigy – The Day Is My Enemy (Bad Company UK Remix)

Thanks lads, is there anything else you want to tell us about?
Thanx for support!

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