We Need To Talk About Waves

Flexout Audio has been a staple of this site since day 1. They featured in my 2014 article 9 Small Drum & Bass Labels You Should Be Paying Attention To and have generally been smashing it for over 5 years now and, if you ask me, they’ve entered their most exciting phase yet with their new series of releases called Waves.

This is the platform that Flexout are using to push a totally different sound to what they’d normally release and I bloody love it. Here are my favorites form what’s been released so far…

Ak:Hash & Monty – Head Rip (Buy)

Maaaaaate! That is SERIOUSLY big. Oh, you’d like some more? Ok then…

Balatron – Flip Your Hands (Buy)

I only came across this sound recently, and probably like many of you, through Ivy Lab and their brilliant label 20/20 LDN so I can’t profess to know much about it (I don’t even know what you’d call the genre if I’m being really honest) but I do know that I really like it.

It’s not all shoe throwing, face melting madness though. Check out this beauty from OCEE…

OCEE – De’tails (Buy)

And back to Balatron for a bit of that funky swing…

Balatron – Stop Me (Buy)

Wait…there’s more. Monty delivered some absolute dirt on WAVES001

Monty – Virt (Buy)

and we finish with more Balatron…

Balatron – Break (Buy)

More of this please Flexout. Much more.

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