Camo & Krooked Launch New Label In Conjunction With Ram Along With Brand New Music

Well well! Be seated children, never fear, yes that is a RAM logo you see beside the once hallowed Hospital duo. And not just a RAM logo but also the logo for Mosaik Musik, their own new label, which will somehow be a part of Andy C’s Goliath imprint (which is now itself backed by BMG).

Vienna’s Camo & Krooked have done the unthinkable, moving from one of the scene’s powerhouses to another. ‘How can this be?’ I hear you cry. ‘Is nothing sacred?’ screams one twitter user in a useless tirade against the system. Is Wilkinson quivering in his boots? Are Fred V & Grafix whooping with joy that the competition for best ‘&’ award could be finally theirs? Who knows.

But lets be honest, if I hadn’t told you of this sacrilegious scandal I’m not sure you’d be reading it on the front cover of the Daily Mail anytime soon. Artists move, Label’s label, life goes on. After all, isn’t it all about the music….?

Well, that said…..

Kicking off the whopping 5 track return, oh hang on, it’s actually 2 tracks and a DJ Edit, a Radio Edit and an Instrumental. Lets start again shall we?

Kicking off this 2 track single with some unnecessarily early stocking fillers you’ll probably never use (unless of course you’re a DJ or a Radio) is If I Could featuring the vocals of Joe Killington. I’m not aware of Mr Killington’s previous work but if were to choose a surname better than my own, Killington would be pretty high on the list. I digress…. a crunchy and toppy fake drop thing has just hit me through the speakers. Camo & Krooked are definitely back, and they’ve brought all their hallmarks with them. In all fairness, i’m being a bit harsh for the sake of trying to be funny, sue me! (Actually don’t, you’ve got major label backing now). It’s a decent tune! It has a good hook, oooo and plinky guitar bit too! The vocals are sure to please if you’re an aforementioned Radio and if you’re just a C&K fan, then this is bound to please.


The ‘flip’ side (lol) is Ember. The duo are clearly very musical, they’ve shown this by their use of euphoric chord structures and synthy takedowns time and time again in the past. This track is another example of why they’ve become so successful and have swapped Hospital’s London Overground for Ram’s District Line heading into the valleys of Essex (perhaps they’re not based there anymore, only the d’n’b gods shall know where the clouds part and the heavens shine on the chosen to be signed and scooped out of the sullied pits of Soundcloud).


I digress again.

So uh, yeh, Camo and Krooked. Sounding a hell of a lot like Camo and Krooked. But on a different label. Cue YouTube videos of tables at the Drum&Bass Arena Awards Ceremony pummelling each other with chairs while London Elektricity elbow drops Andy C from the stage?

We live in hope eh!


I like RAM. So don’t chuck this clearly comical ‘review’ back in my face by saying I’ve chosen sides. You rascals, stop trying to stir things up!


The vocal says ‘If i could jump over mountains, run across the sea’. Maybe it’s ABOUT them changing labels? No? Still no one cares? F**ks sake. You lot are BORRRRIIINNNGGGGG.

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