Villem & McLeod – Spiritual Value EP (Horizons Music)

These guys are on the move! Releasing on Horizons Music for the first time, the unstoppable Villem & McLeod have yet again delivered some top-drawer tunes, pulled together in the form of the Spiritual Value EP.

We are treated first with Wonderful, a track whose intro of delicate hums and dainty keys could be described in no other way… until it all kicks off about a minute in, and we are hit square in the face with a monstrous, distorted bass that wobbles satisfyingly every which way. The title track Spiritual Value follows, a gorgeous affair indeed. The aggressive stabs shouldn’t really work with the lighter-than-air strings and distant vocal cries, yet they succeed in creating a more dynamic and appealing piece of music. My personal favourite, Mystic Ritual, concludes the EP in sweet style, with a lively little sub and a stunning chord progression that simply swept me off my feet.


It seems that with every release from this pair of first-class producers (this one being no exception), their reputation as ones to beat is solidified. Yet another great effort from Villem & McLeod – I suggest you all keep an eye out for their coming release on Spearhead Records this winter!!

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