Hidden Element – Together (Absys Records)

Regular visitors to the site will know that I am partial to Drum & Bass, and indeed music in general, that is slightly left field – my love for Med School and Kimyan Law, for example, are perfect examples of that – and the brand new album from Hidden Element on Irish label Absys Records has ticked that box too.

The Ukrainian duo are well known for crossing genres and blurring the lines between them and now they return to the Absys with their debut album Together.

This is not a Drum & Bass album, at all, but you will find influences and little nods to the scene littered throughout. Take the amens in Without You, one of my favourite tracks from the album, as case in point.

Veering off into something much more mellow now is Sunday (absolutely the perfect name for this track by the way) which is beautifully relaxing with it’s combination of strange vocals and gorgeous piano arrangement.

Other highlights include Who Knows, Aura and the brilliant The Night.

Overall this is a fantastic album. It’s the kind of album that you put on and listen to it from start to finish whilst chilling out. Together is well worth bagging and you can do that HERE.

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